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How to be listed here

E-mail the following to

  • Your name, address, telephone/and or email address,
  • A short description of your BPD services and,
  • Whatever else you feel is important.


There is a one time registration fee of $20 for our professional web master to add the names.

How to pay

By check

To pay by check, please make out the check to Randi Kreger and send to:

Randi Kreger
Eggshells Press 
3120 S. Pennsylvania Ave 
Milwaukee, WI  53207

By credit card

To pay by credit card, please call toll free 1-888-357-4355. 

No matter how you pay, please send the information requested at the top of this page to We cannot put you on the list if you do not send this information.

Note to clinicians

If you would like to be a member of a list for professionals dealing with BPD, please send a blank email to 

or visit our homepage at:

Thank you!

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