Before you fill out the form below, please read the following carefully. Here are some of the most common questions and answers.

First I an not give you personal advice about your situation. I cannot even respond to posts asking about your personal situation. I recommend that you join a Welcome to Oz family group--please see You can ask a question there or see the Answerline (see below). So please do not send me personal question.


1. If you need help with your personal situation, please read about our Answerline service. WE CANNOT GIVE YOU ADVICE ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL SITUATION.

The Answerline is a fee-based service in which you can talk to the top BPD experts in the country. Per hour, the fees range from $95 for myself (Randi Kreger) and partners who have left/stayed in relationships, $180-$225 for therapists, and $300 for the country's top expert on divorce and BPD and NPD.

2. If you are a member of the media, please contact me with this form and I will get back to you quickly. It goes to my email, which I check frequently.

3. Other than this list of clinicians, I do not have the names of professionals near to you. There is a list of Dialectical Behavior Therapists at Also check for people who may have put BPD as an interest of theirs.

4. I do not have lists of attorneys. If you are undergoing a high conflict divorce, I strongly recommend purchasing the divorce materials on this site, including Splitting and the Splitting ED by Bill Eddy. You and/or your own attorney may wish to consult with Bill, who may be reached at He is also a member of our Answerline; see above. I also recommend the book Divorce Poison.

5. Professional Memoir and BPD/NPD Authors: If you have a contact with a mainstream publisher (not self-publishing) and you would like me to consider writing a blurb, please contact me through this form.

6. Self-Published Authors: I am sorry, but due to time constraints I do not become involved with self-published material. But I wish you the very best on your endeavors. If you want to be published, I recommend the book Naked, Drunk, and Writing. I also suggest you read this blog post on writing a memoir. This guest author specializes in helping newcomers to the publishing world.

It's difficult to write a publishable memoir until you are far from the events. So I suggest you write a healing memoir just to get out your emotions and not worry about publication. This can really help you recover. A great book about this is The Power of Memoir: How to Write Your Healing Story.

Be well!

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