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That Pill is HOW MUCH??

Our pal Jenni Prokopy over at ChronicBabe.com wrote a piece about how messed up our healthcare system is. She says it's OK to cry at the pharmacy counter, sometimes:

"It was late in the day, after a long slog through tons of client work and admin duties. I had worked a 9-hour day, run a ton of personal errands, and was finishing up with picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy. Then the clerk told me I owed him $750. For three medications."

"And I burst into tears."

"The look in his eyes was one of compassion, maybe a little pity. "Yea, this is ridiculous," he said, looking over the paperwork. 'You have insurance - it shouldn't be this much.'"

"But it is. At least, that's what I'm told. I'm on a new insurance program, and apparently, their goal is to make me burst into tears in public over and over until I need a prescription for happy pills."

"I walked away from the counter, paying for only one of the medications. I did something I've never had to do before: go without medication I need because I can't afford it."

To read her entire post, visit: http://www.chronicbabe.com/articles/1010/

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