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Sick To Death of Hearing About Smartphones

So why don't I use a smartphone? Who knows; I may in the future. But not now. People talk about why it's so great. But there are lots of things I don't have to worry about.

As I said, keep in mind I work as an author at home and don't live the life of a traveling execdutive. And by the way, these are all true stories.

I don't worry about not enough battery time and not having wi fi. I don't wory how much I have to pay for all this. I don't worry I am going to lose every bit of data in one device.

When I go to lunch with friends, I don't have to stack my phone on the table and play the game of whoever picks up theirs first pays the tab. If I have friends coming in from out of town I don't automatically attack my phone after dinner as a habit while they are sitting there saying, "Hey, we came here to visit you."

Friends can't get away with texting me "I guess I'm not going to be there after all" or "I'll be late" because I know people who WOULD be late just because they could do that. I don't worry about not having access because if I am of desperate need of information from the net (like an address) there are many ways of getting it (last time I asked the secretary at a reception desk to look something up).

When I travel to Mexico I don't need to worry when I only had the address of the hotel on my cell and now I don't know where it is because I don't get reception because it's in the wilds of Mexico.

I don't worry about having the latest and greatest technology to impress my friends and find strangers to ...meet for coffee, let's just say. I don't worry that I am missing apps because I when I go out (and too rarely it is) I want to be OUT, not in again.

I don't worry about people reaching me when I'm on vacation. I don't worry about my relationships with people getting shallower. I don't worry I am going to text and drive. I donj't worry about cell phone addiction. I don't worry I am going to fall into the ocean because I am texting.

However, now I DO worry that others are texting and driving. I worry that we now have to have public service messages to combat a whole new level of stupidity.

(And we don't need a new level of stupidity. I just saw a guy on TV stop people in the street and ask them if they knew what political party president Obama belonged to. You would not believe the number of people who had no idea.)

I saw a lovely T-shirt the other day of a satirical picture of the classic painting "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" except everyone was texting instead of enjoying a day at the park. I gave it as a present to a friend. He would have thanked me, he said, except I didn't text and it was too hard to communicate any other way.

We are all doomed.....

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