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10 Things You Discover About Yourself When You Have Borderline Disorder

One of my Welcome to Oz members found this blog by borderline woman Carrie-Lynne, who describes herself as a "  broke-ass, mentally ill, alcoholic college graduate with a part-time job and a persistent yet misguided passion for writing things that others might find meaningful.

Y.ou can find this complete blog at http://thoughtcatalog.com/carrie-lynne-davis/2013/08/10-things-you-discover-about-yourself-when-youre-diagnosed-with-borderline-personality-disorder/. Each discovery is much longer than I repeated here.

1. People will not understand you.

Or your diagnosis. If you tell a friend you have Borderline Personality Disorder, I guarantee that, if they're not a psych major or a fellow member of the Krazy Klub, they'll mention "Girl, Interrupted," Jodi Arias, or that football guy. I've even heard, "Oh... like Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction?" And they step away from you ever-so-slowly

2. What feels right at first is usually wrong, wrong, wrong.

Your natural reactions to stressful events tend to exacerbate the stress of that event. Borderlines often feel the most extreme version of a feeling. A fight with the bf/gf can almost instantly send you into a head-exploding rage or a major, debilitating depression.  – either he/she is the Anti-Christ / Torturer of You 4Ever / User & Abuser

3. Sometimes you're the villain.

After finding out you have BPD, it's necessary to review your life, particularly those times when you felt wronged. Some of those "So-and-So effed me over royally" moments from your past suddenly seem to have new meaning

4. You have a love/hate relationship with your diagnosis.

Your life has most likely been, well, hellish. Finally knowing what your role is in the insufferable pain you feel (and sometimes cause) can be a massive relief. Be honest with people about your life. That can be super fucking hard to do at first.

5. You've got some extra baggage.

Statistically, you're more likely to also be an alcoholic, cutter, habitual shoplifter, gambler, pill-popper, frequent overdrafter, Adderall sniffer, reckless driver, dope-copper, or compulsive woo-hoo'er.

For the rest of the blog, see the whole blog at the link below.

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